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La Laupie

Strategically placed on a hilltop overlooking the plain, the ancient village of La Laupie was gradually abandoned in the early 20th century and received its final blow during the Battle of Montelimar (end of August 1944) under a barrage of 650 shells fired by the German and American armies.

The nearby village of Bonlieu became a buffer zone between the opposing sides.. From this mass of ruins, from 1962/63 new owners started restoring the houses one by one, incorporating in the facades the architectural remains lying around – lintels, mullion and bulls-eye windows etc. Considerable thought was given to authenticity in the reconstruction, resulting in the particularly harmonious character of the village.
The chateau, the latest reconstruction of many over the centuries since the original was built c1000, is now crowned with a very original roof garden.

The best way to enjoy this architectural achievement is to wander around its little streets on foot, but it is possible to park near to the cemetery by the St. Michel chapel.
On returning, the visitor cannot fail to stop and admire the chapel which is built on a promontory. Restored several times, the original construction was begun at the same time as the village and includes elements from the 12th century.

La Laupie - Village en Drôme Provençale
La Laupie - Village en Drôme Provençale
La Laupie - Village en Drôme Provençale

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Nearby Montelimar

the castle is the ancestral home of the ‘Adhemars de Monteil’ family who gave their name to the town, which has a lively Provençal market and is at the heart of festivals and summer concerts…
And not far away are the pre-Alps, the Forest of Saou, fields of Lavender, and also Nyons with its olive trees, the forests of truffles and wild mushrooms, the vineyards of small villages and large domains, all offering tantalizing outings…
Find hereabouts arts and crafts of every type; let yourself be carried away by the medieval festivals, the jazz festival at Crest, the series of classical concerts ‘Saou chante Mozart’, the festival of historical correspondence and evening markets at Grignan, the Truffle festival at Richerenches…